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From aeronautics technical engineer to pilot

Updated: Jul 7, 2022

"My name is Ricardo, Spanish aeronautics technical engineer. I finally decided to follow my dream at the age of 27 and after looking for several schools in different countries I decided to go with OAC. I searched for a professional and quality school where they can offer a more individualized treatment. The theory books, computer base training and specially teachers were absolutely great and it allowed me to get a 93% average in the theory.

For the flying I am also happy. I consider that the training organisation was very well structured and forms you to higher standards than with other schools. This can only happen with great flight instructors and in my experience OAC counts with them.

I also appreciate very much the effort by some instructos at OAC staying late at night so we could finish as soon as possible. A great pilot training can only come if there is high motivation and effort from the student pilot but you also need a school that gives you all the instruments and facilities to get it. I believe that OAC does."

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