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Updated: Jul 7, 2022

Starting a new career at 42 years old…how about becoming an airline pilot?

After being an aircraft technician for many years it was about time for a new challenge in life. As the cliché dictates, becoming a pilot has also for me been a childhood dream that never came to fruition.

Married with children and a full-time job at hand I started the daunting task to find a suitable flight school both in Belgium and abroad, willing to fit my practical needs and personally support me in achieving this dream. This proved not to be an easy endeavor.

After educating myself on how to become a pilot and multiple appointments with various schools, I ended up at Ostend Air College (OAC). I was immediately sold on the professionalism of the instructors, the top of the range aircraft, positive attitude of the students and the willingness of the management to look into my situation and work with me, willing to tailor towards my private life and go above and beyond to get me a training seat in an aircraft. This was without a doubt the school for me!

Being 45 years old now, attending and completing the integrated ATPL program at Ostend Air College was a fantastic experience; Top level instruction aiming for the airlines, “professionalism pure”, combined with a very personal approach and making friends for life.

I’m very thankful to all the instructors, the school management and fellow students for helping me in achieving this life goal and childhood dream.

Next step…a right-hand seat!

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